Guide: How to Pronounce Scotch Whisky Distilleries

A take on pronouncing the classic Whiskies of Scotland.

Numerous foreign language terms from the world of beverages might be tongue-twisters, and Scotch Whisky is no exception. Brands like Highland Park are easy sufficient, but what about Bruichladdich, Té Bheag or Allt-á-Bhainne? Will be the word Islay pronounced because it reads?

These are questions answered by the experience of operating inside a restaurant or behind a bar. Guests can normally be the ideal teachers for such lessons. Some guests are as well shy to order some thing new verbally, opting to point in the menu for safety, hoping to hear the word stated effectively by a server. Other folks with drams of experience list off names like a breeze, sometimes missing or inventing syllabic emphasis. Either way, a beverage skilled can be obtainable as a humble resource, for guidance around the finer points of the drink. It all begins with all the name.

In speaking about a distillery, how silly does it sound when an exaggerated accent is thrown in, to attempt authenticity? When carried out by a non-native speaker, the outcome is clearly bogus. Is everyone fooled?

Cragganmore – attempting as well tough.

A plain-Jane rendition in the word communicates its meaning appropriately, with out raising eyebrows.

Cragganmore – spoken normally.

Leave it for the native speakers to roll the hard Rs and such. We are able to still do the top we are able to, and that’s what this resource is for. These pronunciations have already been compiled from years operating behind the bar, and understanding from trusted sources, which includes brand ambassadors and distillers. Mark and Brian Canlis are also fantastic sources of knowledge, construct by their a lot of trips to Scotland. Their restaurant has among the most profound collections of Scotch Whisky inside the nation, such as an genuine Springbank barrel within the cellar.

Presented beneath is actually a list of the Whisky GI regions of Scotland, featuring famous producers.
In some situations, the precise bottlings of several producers have already been included for their special names, which buck the old market trend of age-specific titles. NAS or non-age-statement Whiskies are becoming additional popular, possibly as a result of international demand exceeding the supply for well-aged juice.

The regions are listed from a rough north-to-south order. The producers and any specific bottlings are listed in a subjective most-to-least-available order. In other words, the regions commence with Highland in the north, ending with Lowland inside the south. The Highland producers begin with all the giant Glenmorangie and their several bottlings, and finish with all the lesser-known Teaninich. Islands are listed in a similar order, based on common availability. This list isn’t exhaustive, and has sought to highlight the crucial Scotch producers, having a handful of niche examples included. Independent Bottlers, Multi-Region Single Malt, Blended Scotch, Blended Malt, Single Grain and Scottish Gin happen to be integrated as a bonus, once again ordered by standard presence inside the marketplace. Love!

As for pronunciations, they’re at best accurate attempts, spoken by an ordinary American who may have a fraction of Scottish blood. There are lots of ways to say anything; just assume with the word Pecan! Scotch Whisky is actually a really serious subject, to not be taken as well seriously. It is all a dram of enjoyable! Really feel totally free to present feedback through e-mail right here, or leave a comment below with thoughts or corrections.

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