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What You Get With A WoW Leveling Addon

Using a WoW leveling addon is something very common these days. There are a lot of players that already leveled several characters and don’t want to waste time leveling other classes by themselves. So they use leveling guides, which are made as addons now, to get it done faster. But I am sure that a question pops into your mind now. How is a leveling addon different from other addons like QuestHelper?

The difference between a leveling guide made as an addon and the QuestHelper one is very large. It’s true that the QuestHelper was the first to be used in World of Warcraft. It was something very helpful and innovative at the time as it showed you where you needed to go for each quest. This was later implemented in the game itself, so using the QuestHelper was pretty much redundant.

But then the leveling guides came , which used the code from the QuestHelper addon to actively track your progression and point you in the right direction. But what a WoW leveling addon had in addition was a quest path, a customizable interface and detailed steps. The most important addition to a guide however, is the quest path.

While the QuestHelper addon only showed you the direction of the quests you already got, the leveling guide does something more. It tells you which quests to get and in what order to complete them. This is the quest path I was talking about. Since there are so many quests in the game, each of them with their own particularities, picking the right ones to pursue is very important.

This is very important as you will need to go through a lot of content in World of Warcraft. If you run around the map doing quests randomly, you will take a lot of time to reach the level cap. So you need to do only the simple quests and arrange them in an order that allows you to complete more of them at once. And that’s exactly what you get from a WoW leveling addon, providing it is a good one of course.

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