Zans Minimap Mod 1.8.8

Zans Minimap 1.8.8

Zan’s Minimap mod, also referred to as VoxelMap by some players, adds a dependable, easy-to-read minimap towards the globe of Minecraft. This really is about 100 occasions improved than the maps you could make in the game employing paper as well as a compass, and it’s pretty equivalent to another map mod named Rei’s Minimap. It has further options which make it superior than that other mod although, like additional customization, plotting points, adding notes and much more. Zans Minimap Mod 1.9

You get these capacities accordingly you under no circumstances get lost on Minecraft. Zans Minimap is genuinely an extraordinary mod for all Minecraft players. Now you are able to effortlessly track the body via a a great deal uncomplicated graph. This mod will make it really straightforward for you personally to trace factors and to seek out locations. All game players just like it. This tends to make factors simple and much more enjoyable.

Perhaps one of the most helpful function of Zan’s Minimap will be the death marker, which creates a point in your minimap designating the spot where you died final. This makes obtaining back for your physique and retrieving your gear, things and also other dropped goods considerably simpler, and I don’t must inform you how numerous times a player loses almost everything following death, simply because they can not try to remember where they died. You’re going to want Minecraft Forge or Modloader when you’re installing this, just to be certain it’s compatible with the other mods you’re running on Minecraft.

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