Corporate Mentalist

Corporate Magician



Within this video we see a Mentalist working a company party, combining humor with unique demonstrations of mind reading Scott Xavier the premier Corporate Mentalist can create excitement within his audience. We can see from the very first spectator who he treats with fun and appropriate humor, mixing comedy with unique demonstrations of mind reading, that the perfect mentalist is able to create excitement and lasting feelings of mystery interior of his audience. From Scott Xavier his exact words, it’s actually not in regards to the tricks it is more about the entertainment and fun you’ve together with your audience, we could note that he becomes the perfect host to your evening of mystery.

When I first tired Mr Xavier for the corporate sales seminar that we had, he smiled and told me that as an alternative to becoming an entertainer, he is a sales position. He works with our sales staff to brand our corporate message and merchandise into each and every one of the people demonstrations. It’s like we have been getting an extension box of our own sales force as well as an entertainer all-in-one Check Here Corporate Entertainer & Mentalist .


We are now writing business and marketing blogs, & I am a firm believer when you desire your brand to stand out you to hire corporate Mentalist Scott Xavier. The smiles which might be on the guests faces while he strolls the crowd and performs miracles mere inches from their faces, will be worth his payment. Scott jokes that at under just one cocktail per guest, you can get his entertainment. They may forget the vodka and cranberry, but they will not forget the feeling that Scott Xavier presents when he reveals the the initial pet or the excitement when you feel a quarter been inside of your clenched fist. Some individuals pays two to three times the value that Scott charges, and no you’ll remember what songs did DJ played. But who is able to I ever forget for the excitement and wonder that Scott Xavier presents?

Our accountant was glad to understand that Scott Xavier even fills out a 1099 form. Why? Because then your Scott Xavier mentalism reveal that he presents for the corporate meetings, is 100% tax deductible. Scott Xavier is both a corporate Mentalist and an independent contractor. There is no way we can present the standard show that Scott Xavier does, and as such we outsource to work to him. This is actually the exact good reason that we could write off his performance by the end of all seasons.

Watch the excitement Scott for lunch as he bends silverware forks and spoons, causes objects to move in float, and read the minds of audience members in this video above. The target audience can’t believe what they are experiencing. You can also turned into a superstar event planner by having this fortune 500 event planner secret in your next company party. From Kelloggs, harley-davidson, McDonald’s, Exxon Mobil, and in some cases top name celebrities each will recognize that buying one possiblity to make a first impression so, just how work most effectively corporate Mentalist for your next event, hire the comedy magic and mentalism of Scott Xavier.

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