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You have decided to take up golfing and are prepared to hit the green. While it is tempting to skip reading the rulebook and its 34 guidelines to reside by, you can choose to take some time to familiarize oneself with these ten Fundamental Rules ahead of rushing out and swinging wildly at random golf balls.

You might carry as a lot of clubs as it is possible to physically carry within your bag, ideal? Incorrect. Greater than 14 clubs inside your golf bag topic you to a 2-stroke penalty.

Do not cheat and move your ball. Respect other golfers and be fair. When you left your self inside a lousy position, play it as is.

Did you lose your ball on a wild swing? Just stick to the guidelines if you drop your ball inside the trees or the edge of the green. In the event you definitely cannot find your ball, you are entitled to utilize yet another ball in the position exactly where you started. Nonetheless, that could price you a single stroke. Be conscious, if your original ball is identified, you need to play it from that awkward spot within the woods.

Take into account which ball is yours. It will be uncomplicated to error one more ball for your own. Note that if you play an individual else’s ball, you are going to be penalized two strokes for every single shot you take. When you take place to become in a match, playing the incorrect ball will price the hole.

What occurs should you get into water or land within a ground that’s being repaired? Either of those occurrences entitles you to a cost-free drop in the nearest point at a distance equal to the length of one club.

When is it okay to move objects on the ground which include twigs, stones, or leaves inside a bunker? Never. Play it as it is. The only exception is man-made obstructions for instance cart paths, power lines or sprinkler heads in which you could possibly move the ball to the nearest point with no really placing it closer towards the hole.

When is it okay to clean dirt or mud from your ball? The only time this really is permissible is when it’s in the putting green. You could not clean the ball anywhere else on the course or though it really is in play. Take specific note that you ought to mark the spot prior to you choose up the ball and it must be returned back to the precise spot.

Should you occur to hit a further ball with your ball within the fairway, in a bunker, or within a hazard, there is no penalty. The ball should be placed back to its original place. However, hitting a further ball whilst you will be around the placing green, will expense you a two-stroke penalty.
Diverse colored stakes mark diverse places in the course. In the event you see yellow stakes, they indicate a water hazard. For those who see red stakes, they indicate a lateral water hazard. Any time you see white stakes, they indicate out-of-bounds.

What takes place if your ball goes out of bounds? You’ll acquire a penalty stroke. However, you could possibly stand out of bounds to hit your ball that is in bounds.

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