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An Understanding into the Android TV Box
An Android TV Box resembles a smart phone. It is basically a TV with Android software which enables you to view movies, play games, view your favorite soaps online and download a number of applications through Google play store.

An account of an Android Set top box
An Android TV Box is a new generation updated and progressive set top box which is also known as the Google TV Box It presents a new generation of set top box that has selection of features as well as a variety of solutions for your smart TV. It resembles a small box which is hardly 5 inches in breadth and 2 inches tall in length so many features in the small box.

What are benefits you will get from an Android Set top Box
An Android TV box offers an variety of benefits. Play your favorite game on television .The set top box consists of an infrared sensor bar and thus it is also easy to play all kinds of classic games on your TV. There are a selection of features like the high-definition 1080p video streaming, streaming media player, and more than 500000 applications as well as games from the Android Play store. So many assortments of benefits and features will lure you towards Android TV Box. The TV Box Android is accompanied with a remote control that helps you to watch great videos at 1080p video seamlessly.

Why an Android TV Box is in demand
Increasingly more gadget lovers are switching on to new and updated devices. This device is definitely a great investment for people as it has so many features, is affordable and sturdy as well. The state of art technology helps to make your video watching experience great and different. Now you can watch your favorite movies and your favorite soaps with the mouse click from Android TV Box. It also supports 3D HD streaming videos with 1080p video with great picture clarity.

The world at your finger tips
You can share all your favorite websites as well as news directly from your couch with your friends and family. An Android TV is similar to an Android device or your Android phone. You can play games, watch movies, and browse the internet and all at superfast speed and great picture quality. An Android TV box runs on an HDMI compatible TV with an internet connection. Get the whole world at your finger tips with Android TV Box. The use of internet is widespread now and internet is available in every nook and corner of the world. The set top box will slowly gain grounds in the world and the old set top boxes and cable connections will slowly be obsolete. You can even download emulators and enjoy playing your favorite retro video games for free.

Creating the Android TV Box
The TV Box is very an easy task to set up. The devise needs to be plugged in to a power source and connected to a HDMI compatible TV. The devices have Android software and run on Android. Pictures, movies and videos can be transferred from a PC via a blue tooth or an USB.The box is not powerful as a tablet or a smartphone but it is definitely capable enough to run a variety of apps like Face book, Netflix, You tube, Pandora, Kodi entertainment and a selection of other channels.

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