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Taiwan is amongst the favourite destinations in Asia. It has a deep influence of its culture and hospitality from its neighbouring country, Japan. Apart from the scenic spots between mountainous, to fantastic sea views and lake views, as well as the numerous farms, Taiwan is also on par with the Japanese where service is concerned, specially in offering their guests an excellent Taiwan Minsu or often known as home stay experience.

Apart from Taipei, there are several registered Taiwan Minsu located all around the lovely island. These are generally found in the more remote parts of the island where stunning views can be spotted. Especially, more are available in the area of the Eastern Coast, where Hualien, Yilan and Taichung are. These places offer amazing landscape of the mountains and the pacific ocean.

When you plan to travel to Taiwan for vacations, always make it a must to stay in Taiwan minsu to experience and participate in the local culture. There many with various themes.

The guesthouses are often made of wood and it usually spots two styles; Japanese or Western style. Japanese style Taiwan Minsu usually allow bigger group of 5 and above to stay together in a room. They have mattresses laid on to the ground and the furnishings are usually short and compact. They resemble the Japanese inn very much and you could possibly thought that you are in Japan. The Western style usually allow up to quad sharing and have pleasant sea views or mountain views. The rooms are usually much larger and extremely spacious.

The unique experience of remaining in the guesthouse is about the food and the hospitality of the guesthouse owners. Breakfasts are often included in the stay and dinners are optional. If you are residing in an area where certain minority resides, you can and should experience the local ethic food. For example, in a region near the Cingjing farm, there are tons of minorities tribe that migrated from Yunan in the early days. If however you be staying here, you enjoy the splendid meals cooked by tribes. They usually grow their own ingredients when they own a small farm while in the Taiwan minsu. The experience of going for a fresh home cook food together with your hosts keep whipping up more dishes after a long tiring day will definitely make your trip more memorable.

Most Taiwan minsus also assist to organise trips for their guests. Unlike most hotels where the price is a rip off, the trips organised by the minsus are enjoyable possibly at a good price. The minsu owners most of the time should go all out to be sure their guests provide an enjoyable stay in Taiwan. Where services are concerned, the Taiwanese has one of several highest standard.

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