Ephesus Sightseeing

A glance to the Ephesus history

Ephesus is one of the biggest and oldest cities of turkey. It is rich in historical places and has been a main attraction for the tourists who have interest in history. Ephesus is a historical city full of illusions. The city is known to be the place where virgin Marry and St. John spent their last days. The house of virgin marry is also situated in this city. There are many other historical, valuable and important places to visit in Ephesus which are of great importance. The Ephesus history goes back to the 11th century BC and the population of the city was at its extreme in the Greek time period. This city was also considered historically unlucky because it has been devastated by four earthquakes and three fire accidents.

The city got its name “Ephesus” from the amazons which were the nomads in Asia and belonged to Amazon in South America. The tribe of the amazons only had women and they bought males and market them and they helped in taking care of the babies of the tribe. These women were expert in military affairs and were good at war. During the roman era Ephesus was considered as the most educated city and the romans were highly intellectual and knowledgeable. During the roman time period, Ephesus had the famous library which was one of the three biggest libraries of that era. It was constructed in the time period of 12 months and was made of marble. Ephesus Sightseeing


The Ephesus historywas rich in knowledge and had many romans scholars. The library built during the roman reign was fully utilized by the scholars and it contained more than 12 thousand books at that time. The library was a double story building and was supported by six marble columns but now it has been converted into ruins with the passage of time. The library also had eight sculptures which reflect that both the men and the women can have eight virtues while reading. The library was open for the males only and they used to get benefit from the valuable books. This library has a unique historical importance because this was the first two stories building in the world and it had the walks which were moist and warm. This was the first library of the world and also the reason of fame for the Ephesus city. There are many other places which play an important part in making the city historically important.

Another worth mentioning thing regarding the Ephesus history is that it has seen the Greek, Roman and the byzantine emperors. The city is the mix of all the colors from these different cultures. The places and the historical buildings also depict the past. The city is famous for its tourist destinations and attracts the people from all over the world to explore the old history of this ancient city. This city is rich in its history and has got many things to be revealed. It is definitely a historical treasure and is a wonder in itself.

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