Bidi Badu Clothing

Sports Clothing



By the tender we go with a range of clothing from another stratosphere. We are pleased to announce this range exclusive to the united kingdom and we know it offers the Tennis player both men and feminine something unquiet and vibrant to the court.

However its not simply a range that you can grace the tennis courts but also in the street as its also just the thing for Leisurewear. From the Cosmo tech mens snow print jacket to the Luna tech ash print out girls dress there is something for both sexes in this great new ground breaking range.


Its not merely the BIDI BADU clothing range that’s landed in the UK but a great range of BIDI BADU tennis bags and backpacks that stand away from the crowd as well as the new range of Towels and Sweatbands.

With the associated with the outdoor tennis season and 90 degree temps (well we can all dream ) i am certain you will want to get the BIDI BADU insect and look the business for the Summer season.

And unlike the popular crowd if you wish to jump out and be adulated, no longer hesitate click on the buttons today.

Visit This Site Right Here Topspin


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