Graphite Minimal Friction Coatings – Area Engineers, Find out When To Choose


Graphite reduced friction coatings tend to be more extensively recognized now as dry movie lubricants. Surely, they’ve got their similarities to dichalcogenides, like molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) or tungsten disulfide (WS2): All have got a layered lattice, a hexagonal composition, bonds stronger internally than with neighboring molecular planes.

But in contrast to the some others, carbon graphite is not really intrinsically lubricated. It is actually humidity or other condensate vapor, this sort of as hydrocarbons, that offers graphite its surface area lubrication. Therefore, overall performance is phenomenal in a usual air ambiance, but not at higher altitudes or in vacuum. And the moment temperatures are higher enough to generate desorption, besides when related oxides are offered, dry graphite will result in greater friction.

So, why select graphite?

Because, at assistance temperatures over seven hundred (F) for MoS2 or 550-600 (F) for Teflon (PTFE), these compounds will decompose. Whereas with graphite, although CO2 oxidation goods begin to sort above 900 (F), lubrication remains to be feasible. Actually, service temperatures to 1200 (F) are real looking.


And although friction will range with humidity, sliding issue, as well as other parameters, friction coefficients of 0.02-0.04 are rather practical. Specially with greater masses (approximately fifty,000 psi), quicker area speed, or combos of both, whilst plastic compounds like PTFE will cold-flow.

Graphite is usually used in the amount of financial strategies. These incorporate a simple rubbing or burnishing, dipping (colloidal dispersion), influence or impingement (powdered graphite). Thickness can differ from less than 0.0001 inch, in pure variety, to 0.0005 inch and up, as resin-bonded or ceramic-based lubricants.

So, you have got decided on graphite . Now, even though, you would like to understand which surfaces to coat.

While differences may well confirm negligible, take into account this: Much better functionality as opposed to more time dress in everyday living. Normally, coating both surfaces will boost your wear everyday living. But coating a person floor only will yield increased efficiency from your graphite lower friction coating.

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Graphite Reduced Friction Coatings

William Gunnar, a degreed scientist, researcher, engineer, and mate, has assisted 1000’s of ‘best of class’ product designers and devices manufacturers — for approximately 20 years now — surface area engineer with coatings for achievement.


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